Membership Opportunity: a single room is available in a 2-bedroom unit

bellingham_cohousing-01What is Bellingham Cohousing?

We are an intergenerational and collaborative community of 33 households. Our design allows for both privacy (with individual condos) and shared spaces for social interaction. Our ongoing goals are creating a real community and living a bit more lightly on the earth.

What do I commit to if I buy or rent?

You commit to living as a part of a community with its enormous benefits and real obligations. You commit to 9 hours a month of community participation from a broad array of choices. It could be participating in a landscape work party, cooking as part of a meal team, or serving on a committee, etc. You commit to participating in community decisions through a consensus process.

What are the benefits?

Each community member would answer this a bit differently. Most would agree that high points range from weekly community meals and occasional celebrations to easy going help from your neighbors if you need a ride to the airport or a supportive hand during a personal hard patch. We all find that the more we put into the community the more we get out of it.

What are the shared spaces?

The heart of our shared space is the common house with a large kitchen and dining/gathering area, two living rooms, guest rooms, a play room, and an office. In addition, we have a large workshop, a hot tub, a play field, a large room for exercise and other activities, and a wetland where we feel nature close to us.

Recent Posts

Do you know a girl in Bellingham who's going into Kindergarten or above? Encourage her (and a parent/guardian) to join us for Girl Scouts Night, this WED (6/28) at 6:30pm in the Common House! We're looking to start a BellCoHo+Friends Troop for all ages of girls. Games, snacks, and craft projects will be provided. Come to get more information and learn about the opportunities/possibilities for involving your girl in the largest leadership development organization for girls, worldwide. Hope to see you there! ...

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